Sacred Burlesque

Sacred Burlesque is igniting a fire in women far and wide who dare to express themselves as the beautiful, outrageous, creative creatures that they are.
Sacred Burlesque is about YOU – being yourself and letting your dance come through.
Crafted to draw you deeper into your own center, allowing you to get in touch with the raw energy that fuels your life.


You are Lovely
Beautiful and essentially perfect.


Access your Joy, Pleasure, Peace and have FUN!
Gathered in dance and play with other women
Bathe in our Goddess energy.


Sacred Burlesque incorporates classic burlesque, modern striptease, pinches of Kundalini Yoga, dance, sacred sexuality, and energetic healing exercises.

Unleash of the magnetism, inspiration and creativity from within you.
The dance and movement is suitable for all levels!
The workshop includes:
Chakra based warm-up
Taoist Yoni intunement
Glove, boa & feather play
A juicy burlesque dance combinations

What to Bring/Wear:

Easy to move in clothes – asexy feeling skirt, slip or dress, leggings, booty shorts,bra, tanks.
Bring your heels if you’d like it grown woman like that. Bare foot is great!
Don’t forget water.