Broad Squad Institute 2017


The Broad Squad Institute is pleased to welcome two New York starlets to the teaching fold:

Genie Adagio, Classic Burlesque’s Quiet Storm, shares both her sultry wisdom and ballerina’s grace. Catch her around town at Joe’s Pub, Bell House, House of Yes, and Duane Park

CeCe Brown Sugah is a tour de force of versatility, timing and sexy poise. Catch her Mondays at The Cotton Club. 

Creator of the Broad Squad Institute, Chicava HoneyChild, The Bad Black of Burlesque will be on hand as well!

Twice weekly classes keep you engaged and inspired!

Tell your story

Learn how to create Classic burlesque, Neo-burlesque/Cosplay, or Political burlesque number.

Costuming tricks of the trade that you need to create unforgettable costumes.

Learn Ms. Toni Elling’s 3Ps of Burlesque – Pose, Parade & Peel.

A Vogue workshop with Cesar Valentino, Original House of Ninja Member.

Take It All Off

Personalized guidance and group support to create your routine!

Graduation also features you in a dazzling group number.

Classes & Graduation held at the herstoric & newly renovated WOW Cafe Theatre!!


$400 includes the following: 

  • Two classes per week (classes includes the history of burlesque, striptease, vouging, floor work, makeup, the art of flirting, etc..)
  • Group dance choreography and individual dance support. 
  • Burlesque performance starter kit
    • Fancy boa for practice and skill-building, 
    • Foxy Tann’s Hardcore Pasties,
    • The Broad Squad Institute eWorkbook
  • Final performance on the big stage at WoW theater. 
  • Building of sisterhood, confidence and creative expression (priceless :))

Additional costs: 

  • You will be in charge of your own costume 
  • Art & Crafts supplies – Crystals for your pasties, props, glue etc. 

$400 Paid in Full

$420 Payment Plan

$50 Deposit 4 Payments

The Broad Squad Institute is your opportunity to let your inner diva run wild in a powerful community of collaborative, supportive women.

Rock the glitter stage